“Wall Street’s favourite scam is pretending that luck is skill.”

Ron Ross

Our Philosophy

Tailorednz is not here to turn you into an overnight millionaire. Following your passion, doing what you know and understand, is the best way for you to make money or grow your wealth. What we do is work with you over the long term to help keep you disciplined with the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate, so that you can realise the desires you have for your future.


“Active management is little more than a gigantic con game.” – Ron Ross

We don’t do speculative investment

Sure, speculative investment can produce a winner. But it also requires a loser. Think of a casino – the holder of a winning poker hand merely wins what others have lost – minus a small cut to the casino. And so it is with speculative investment. For someone to get into the market, someone must get out. For someone to buy a great investment someone must sell. And everyone pays to trade, whether winner or loser.

We don’t forecast and time markets

‘Active management’ is a flawed concept. With investment, once you control the risk, the return is zero. Take out the costs and you’re in the red. Evidence shows that even if an ‘active manager’ outperforms costs, it’s a chance event and rarely sustainable.

So, what do we do?

Prudent planned financial and wealth management

First and foremost, we’re client focused. This means that we’re driven to protect your wealth throughout your lifetime. So, no quick short term fixes here. This also means we take a prudent planned approach, following investment criteria that, time and again, has added value to client portfolios.

Our approach to building your portfolio is based on four tennets:

  • Diversification – investing broadly to minimise the impact of market volatility
  • Fees and expenses – keeping overall costs as low as possible
  • Tax efficiency – making investment choices that minimise your tax liability
  • Liquidity – selecting investments that can be turned into cash quickly at minimal cost

Over time, life changes, as do market options. We’ll regularly review your portfolio with you to ensure your investment solutions remain the best means of achieving your goals.

We’ll work with you to understand and capture your goals in a personalised plan, having first explored with you your circumstances and your desire and ability to manage risk. It’s about financial needs – not wants. If – and only if – we recommend insuring, we’ll present you with a number of insurance company options, including if applicable, ACC. Tailorednz has no behind-the-scene deals with providers. We simply present the companies that we determine as best suited to your needs for advice and cover.